Monday, December 1, 2014


There wasn't a thing I ate this weekend that I didn't just love.
My parents and I clipped every one of the 600 bulbs on the pre-lit tree and started afresh.
I dyed my black jeans, and it felt like the pioneer days.
I watched my first ever Hallmark Christmas movie on top of every 90210, Duck Dynasty, and Price is Right episode to be had on the DVR.
I black Thursday-ed it and Friday-ed it.
That was the Thanksgiving break that is never long enough.

A picture of all the Gandy's in attendance.
Sunsets are good.
Black Thursday madness.
Maggie on Black Friday be like.. 

PS- Yes, Maggie is big. I know. But she proudly walk 3 miles everyday with me and my mom.

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