Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giving Thanks: Friends

Happiest of Tuesdays and last day before that Vaaaayy- Kaaayyy- Shun! Tuesdays never felt so good! On another note, can we talk about how Sadie killed it last night? #waytooinvested. It unashamedly led to my dancing the samba around the apartment. Unashamed.

Moving on... back to my thankfulness:

And we all start humming that famed Rembrandts song and sing our best "No one told you that was gonna be this waaayyyyyy." Friends.

Over the last couple of months, I have had several people proclaim that I'm a networker. Now, I would have never considered myself to be such a thing. I can't make deals happen, but I can get you in touch with the right person to make that deal happen - hm maybe that is a networker!?  But I think the point they were trying to get it at is this: I know a lot of people. And most, not all, of those people are friends. I laugh now at a typical birthday week for me because it most always involves little celebrations here and there. That's because of the groups of friends that are scattered in different places and are from different seasons of my life.

There are friends that I can live life with in actual FRIENDS quotes. There are friends who I've gone through great moments in my life with. There are friends I've lived with who've become sisters. There are friends I've traveled with. There are friends who I can text and immediately ask for prayer. I have friends I laugh with. I have friends I can cry with. I have friends who talk with me about the Lord and His work. I have friends that I can bake with, run with, plan parties with, or just talk with their ears off at 6 in the morning because I'm wide awake, and they/she will bear with me. Then there are friends who will dress up for a crazy party. Those who will Vox you every day with the sweetest of messages. Those who you learn from and those you teach. Those are friends.

I was reading in Exodus yesterday one of my favorite stories about the Israelites fighting against Amalek. God gave victory when Moses' arms were raised. But when he put them down, the Amalekites would be victorious. Now wouldn't your arms naturally get tired. Moses' sure did! Aaron and Hur knew the heaviness and tiredness of his arms. They got a stone and slid it to wear Moses could sit down. Then they supported his hands- one on one side and one on the other. What a beautiful picture of friendship. I have always enjoyed this story for this very reason. Aaron and Hur were there to come alongside Moses. They knew his need of their help.

I've had so many friends that have come alongside me in various times of life. Many of which I am still fairly close to today. They are my Aarons and my Hurs. That's crazy to think. But it's true. And for that, I am thankful.

PS- These pictures are missing quite a few! Every girl from childhood to high school to now.. there have been so many in between!!


Real friends are okay with dressing like a redneck. 
Tacky friends. (Left)
Dancing at North Hills with Lauren and Shonica. (Right)
Her friends called her C-Money. 
Phone friends! = Great friends 
Bible study gals!
One word or three: Fierce! Model pose.

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