Friday, November 14, 2014

Fast Thinking

 I am having the hardest time writing this Sunday School lesson today, so I decided to take a break. A blog break. It is high-time I write something on here.

I'm writing the lesson from Acts 17 where Paul speaks out and tells the crowd who their "unknown god" is- Their unknown god is the only God we know. Just reading a little of our required background material for the lesson it talks about how the Jews were mad that Paul was worshiping King Jesus. Pause. I had to let that sink in for a minute. King Jesus. KING Jesus. He is the one who reigns supreme. Can I tell you something? That nearly took my breath away. I hear that all the time. If you're in a church, King Jesus and His worship is not withheld. It got me thinking about all sorts of other things because that's how my spaghetti brain works. It led to this: When King Jesus is on the throne of our hearts (as He rightly should be), then there is no fear in His leadership. He rules in care and compassion for those who have surrendered their life to Him. I/we can easily put other things on the throne of our hearts. For me, it's myself. When I'm on the throne, there is just pure chaos in this little ol life. Things don't make sense to me because I'm trying to make sense of it all. That's not how a servant acts in relation to their king. There is submission to His leadership - confidently knowing all that He has planned is for good. Then I thought about how Jesus is our King because He gave His life for us. He sacrificed Himself for our good. There were other thoughts, but they happened so fast that I have now forgotten them.

What a great King we serve. He is King Jesus. He reigns!

His grace to me is good. For HE is good to me.

And all of this thinking took place in a matter of mere seconds my friends! Seconds.

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