Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Advent Calendar for the Single Girls

I'm hitting this early girls! I was walking around Target Saturday night and was looking at the many Christmas decorations. Oh what fun it is! Yet, I know (better than anyone) how difficult the approaching Christmas season can be as a single gal. I mean, do we remember the meltdown I had on Christmas Eve when I heard my brother was going to soon propose?! Yeah, folks - It wasn't pretty. I was happy for them definitely, but it still didn't make Christmas easier.

All that to say, the Christmas season is difficult for single girls - dates to the Christmas party or family celebrations, wanting a family of your own, playing Santa for your own children, new Christmas traditions, etc. You know, the list could go on. I have talked with a lot of my friends over the years and know the dread that comes with the holiday season. We desire a spouse and children of our own year round, but it is magnified at Christmas time. For some that leads to bitterness and frustration.

This year I want to encourage y'all (single, not married) ladies to something different. Still seek the Lord and His wisdom for you to marry. Make those desires known to Him. Put your self out there, because sometimes that's just what it takes. But don't stop celebrating Christmas and the birth of Christ just because you don't have a, b, or c.

Advent is the season in which the expectation and waiting of the arrival of Christ is celebrated. Some families have cute activities to prepare and focus their families for the celebration on Christmas Day. Target even has special little trees with drawers for each day to reveal a fun activity. I mean, this is the real deal y'all. I thought it would be fun to create a list of fun things for the single gal to do as we prepare our hearts for Christmas Day and the celebration of our Savior - our Messiah. He came to earth for you and me. So here is what I propose - an Advent Calendar for the single girl. Pick and choose and arrange your dates. Let's celebrate! (That rhymes!)

- Read the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke.
- Grab your favorite red cup from Starbucks or McCafe drink on the way to work.
- Decorate the Christmas tree and home for the Christmas season.
- Read Micah 5: 1-5.
- Make Break and Bake cookies and wear those Old Navy Christmas pajamas we love so, so much!
- Pop some popcorn and watch your favorite childhood Christmas movie.
- Play the NSync "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" song and dance around the kitchen like it's 1999.
- Wrap Christmas presents while watching "The Holiday" or "Family Stone."
- Invite a girlfriend to tag along for a Christmas present run, and then grab dinner.
- Send a small Christmas care package to a long distance friend or missionary.
- Wear a fun scarf to work because it's soooooo cold outside!!
- Let them eat cake: make a birthday cake for Jesus and invite friends over. Or, if you're in Raleigh, go to Hayes Barton and grab a giant piece of cake with friends.
- List the names of Jesus and what that means for us as those who have put our faith in Him.
- Watch a Christmas concert special on TV. ** Research required.
- Google how another country celebrates Christmas. Learn a little something!
- Make a pot of soup or chili and read a book or magazine.
- Drive to a store specifically to make a donation to the Salvation Army collection person.
- Write/Make/Send Christmas cards to friends and family.
- Journal about gifts from God over the past year.
- Search through your TV Show DVDs and watch a Christmas episode.
- Purchase and donate canned goods to a food pantry.
- Host a small group of friends for a dinner party.
- Take cookies or muffins to work to share with the office.
- Bubble bath and Christmas tunes after a long day.
- Make a smores dessert of some kind, since there's no fire outside!

These are just some thoughts. I hope you enjoy! Love you ladies who take time to read this blog!


  1. This is awesome and so are you. I love it. I'd like to add watch hallmark Christmas movie and read my blog post about singleness ;)