Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Proposal

To the important people at ABC:
(The ones who determine which shows will work, and which ones won't)

I have a proposal for you. I am certain show ideas enter your executive suites on a daily or hourly basis. You cut the ideas left and right. I'm here to give you a winner of an idea. Trust me on this one. I have been thinking about this particular show idea for several years, make that seven years. Seven years. Each season I find my spot on the couch on a Monday night to watch a favored celebrity or two swing across the dance floor with an expert. I am referring to the popular Dancing with the Stars.
However, each season the celebrities are decreasing in familiarity by the audience. This season I can hold on to Sadie Robertson and Alfonso Whitley (Carlton), but that's all you have going for the show.

My proposal/ plea is this: Create a Dancing with the Average People. Allow me to introduce myself a paragraph into this proposal. I'm Erin, and I'm pretty average. I have a 9 to 5 job and consider myself to be pretty in shape, yet we all know a time or two on the famed stage would show me really what my fitness is all about. I have no previous dance skills, unless you consider that one year when I was in the second grade. Tap and jazz were official classes for the second grader. But that's the only true experience I have. Now, I must add I love a dance floor, especially at a wedding. I can figure out some kind of dance move for a song. And most times, all the time, there's not a partner in sight. I give you- creative! My motto is this: Be the first to hit the dance floor. I can honestly say that I've tried and succeeded. I've turned a turn in the middle of a restaurant. Danced at the Wild Horse. I love a line dance. Or I love to mock Hitch. In short, I'm a white girl who likes to dance.

Dancing with the Average People would showcase the natural and not-so natural abilities of the dancers within. The ones who get up and attempt the routines after seeing the likes of Maxim or his brother sweep a gal across the dance floor in a Jazz or Samba. A show geared towards the average people of America is sure to produce laughs and favorites and not so favorites. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser.

And if you think it'll be hard to find contestants, I'll be the first to sign up (with a preference for Mark Ballas or Derek Hough as partners).

I have attached proof of my willingness to dance at the drop of a hat.

Thank you.


PS- Sadie's number last night warmed my Duck Dynasty heart and pushed me to write aforementioned proposal.

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