Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wide Open Spaces

Nope. Not those Dixie Chicks. But Denver! Yes, it's very wide open. I guess that's to be expected with the West. I came. I saw. I conquered (with a lot of Coke). Denver. 

It was nice to spend time away from Raleigh and in another city. I went with the intention of visiting a sweet friend and participating in Serve Denver. I did both, but I'm confident the Lord wanted more for me in this trip. Retreat. For that I am truly grateful for Him, His Word, His grace.. and a sister in Christ who continues to challenge and encourage me. It's good to be back!

You know the drill.. 

It's a Run-in-Denver kind of morning!
An attempt at getting a "Smiling Baby" picture
My way of showing off those Rockies!
Mt. Evans - It's a 14teener. PS- I saw a many a' pot shops on this day.
Not brown bear... but.. Blue Bear, Blue Bear, what do you see?
Icecream in any state!
Walking with authority at Sports Authority - Denver Broncos.
5280 ft = A mile. I was a mile high!

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