Wednesday, June 11, 2014

To my Daddy

Again, I don't know where to begin. I am laughing at the likelihood that you will not read this since you have no desire to advance in the technology world. Unless of course mama shows you on her phone. It was like pulling teeth to get you to even carry a cell phone. However, that's what I like about you - You are simple. And yet, I am in tears also because of the simple, loving father you are.

I remember driving home on Valentine's night to spend the weekend with you and mama. It's a hard day for a single girl, but I was looking forward to being at home in my little corner of South Carolina. On the long drive, I began to pray for the husband the Lord would have for me. It's a prayer that I pray often, but this time I prayed something a little different - "Lord let my husband love me the way my daddy loves my mama and me and Jordy." I remember it well because when I got home and saw those chocolate covered pecans on the counter, I knew you'd gone to get those especially for me. Your love is selfless. You have always put the three of us before yourself. You will do anything for us. - Your little reminders every time we talk "If you need anything just call me.. call me at work or home.. I'll do whatever." I laugh because I know that you are more likely to answer your work voicemails rather than cell phone. But you mean it, you will do anything for us. You are my daddy.

I know that I am your daughter. I have parts of mama in me too. But I am a daddy's girl. I am thankful that I am funny.. just like you. You know how to make me laugh way more than mama or Jordy ever could. I am thankful for the way you take care of my little Maggie, even though you threaten to ship her up to Raleigh. We all know the shipping and handling would be way too much for that. I am thankful that our conversations are different. We talk work. We talk my car. We talk NASCAR or the latest Duke game. We talk about different things, and I like that. You are my daddy.

McDonalds on Friday mornings. Gas stations snacks on Tuesdays. Swinging on summer nights and spinning me around. Putting together all of my Barbie toys or letting me play in the dirt for hours. Building a tire swing because that's what we wanted. Picking up pecans. Teaching me how to ride a bike and then going for rides up to Eunice's. Opening my locker for me when I couldn't figure it out the first week of junior high. Following my bus to daycare at the first week of kindergarten. Grilling steaks and hamburgers. Riding the waves and having no fear. Chocolate covered pecans. Watching the race. Teaching me to fish - and baiting my hook 1001 times because I never wanted to touch a bloodworm. Taking us to the arcade. The long drive(s) to Disney World. You are my daddy.

I love you Daddy - Happy Father's Day!
PS- Daddy is most nearly prounounced Dead-y, and this is an early post because he should be celebrated for a few days!

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