Monday, April 14, 2014

This Is the News

And a Happy Happy Monday to meeeee (and you!) ..

It's the best text message I ever did receive.  Goodness gracious! I can't even begin to tell you the excitement! Let this sink in.  He's back y'all.  He's coming for Rio.  He's coming for Lochte.  And to that I say, You can't keep a good man down!  Thanks Kelly.

In other similarly related news.. News titled: Other things that make me excited - I was able to see THIS. GUY.  Ben Rector.  I'm pretty certain my heart skipped a near beat when we just walked up on State's campus while he was doing the sound check. He came. He sang. He joked. He laughed. And I was happy (and in the midst of a bunch of college kids.  Keeping it real on the cusp of 30.) 

And finally to close out the news segment with a commercial, I bought this shirt.  Because I felt compelled to buy one.  Compelled accurately describes it.  It took all of 5 secs to key in the credit card info.  So yeah, compelled.  And I mean seriously.. one must be ready for Duke basketball...

Had to make that image large... just so you could get the full effect of what it was saying there... Smart, Funny, Beautiful.  Wow, Duke.. hit it.

Happy Monday!

News is over.

I'm out.

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