Monday, April 21, 2014

Earthquakes and Easter

Oh! So an earthquake didn't hit where you were?  That must've just happened in the 305 apt.

See what happened was..

I went to get a glass of water.
Poured it to the very tip top.
Put water back in the refrigerator, while simultaneously looking at fish bowl on top of fridge and thinking to myself, "Well, I guess I need to pack that. But I don't want to."
Decided to refill water pitcher.
Glass of water falls off counter and goes everywhere.
Five seconds later.. glass fish bowl shatters by falling off refrigerator on other side of kitchen.
I'm left standing there with my mouth wide open.
And all before 6:15 AM.
--- 30 minutes later ---
Smoke detector goes off for a problem that we have yet to figure out.

Don't fret neighbors! We will be gone here shortly!

And the Easter Recap..
Furniture re-doing, Full order pie-eating, Easter basket looting, and Family-selfie taking...


This is why the blog is appropriately called This is My Life - Never. a. dull. moment.

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