Friday, February 7, 2014

This Season: Where's Your Shoe and Other Randoms

Umm.. It's Friday! And we said "Yesssss!" - like we were in third grade getting ready for recess with an extra 20 minutes.  Because Friday is JUST. THAT. GOOD.  I couldn't get all serious on the blog today with it being Friday and all, so we will just round out the work week with some fun!  And I'll be back into the seriousness of the series sometime this weekend.  Enjoy!

Dates.  They're fun little things, aren't they?  If you've ever been on one, chances are you've been on a few that have either left you embarrassed in the end orrrrr you left thinking "what in the world just happened here?"  No? Just me. That isn't surprising! - not one bit.  For your entertainment.

Situation #1 - Guy asked me to go and play in the snow after the snow had been around for oh.. 5 days.  It was more like ice.  I decided to where my old New Balances.  You know, the grey ones that you've held onto since college because they don't make them anymore... yes, those ones.  And because I've had them since college, there is absolutely no grip on the bottom of those things.  How did I find out?  Well Erin and a hill and snow don't mix.  I decided to start tip-toeing my way down and secure my foot in patches where there was some dirt or grass peeking through.  Yet, I missed a spot and off I went.  Straight to my behind and slid on my backside allllllll the way down the hill with a land in the snow at the bottom.  He comes down the hill just laughing at me.  I am now soaked.. and slightly embarrassed. Scratch slightly.  I was straight up embarrassed.

Situation #2 - I had been seeing this guy for a few months on and off.  He decided to day trip it up to Wake Forest for us to go out to lunch and show him around.  12 o'clock came, and there he was pulling into the parking lot.  He knocked on the door.  I opened the door and happened to notice something.  He only had one shoe on.  Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. Granted it was summer.  He was wearing flip flops, and just maybe he was so excited to see me that he left the other one in the car.  "Let me go grab my bag." 

Self talk: Does he really only have one shoe on? Surely not.  Maybe the other one's in the car. One shoe??? Erin, be nice. Don't assume.
Me (upon locking the door): You want me to drive? 
Self talk: Oh no he doesn't have another shoe on.  What am I going to do? Should I say something?
Him: Yeah, that sounds good.
(Getting into my car)
Me: Mmmmm... Where's your shoe? 
Him: Oh, I don't know.  I got in a hurry and couldn't find it, so I came on.
Me: No seriously.. where is your shoe?
Him: (Laughing)  I think I left it at the gym.
Me: You are kidding, right?
Him: No.
Me: Well we are going to have to go to Target and get you some shoes. You can't just go eat somewhere with one shoe on.
- Case closed. -

Situation #3- While I was in college, this really sweet, cute fella asked me on a date to one of my favorite restaurants.  It was really quite the sweetest thing, and I could tell he put thought into it all.  But that's not the point of this situation.  If you know me, you know that I have a deal about my teeth.  I don't like for anything to be in them. I even have a little Hello Kitty mirror to help take care of this problem.  I brush my teeth several times I day.  I'm nice enough to let others know when something might be in their teeth.  Well!  I had gotten a grilled chicken something that evening.  And chicken sometimes creeps its way in between your teeth, and it isn't cute.  Yeah.. that happened.  The whole 3 hours of the date, and I hadn't a clue.  I'm hoping he didn't notice, but it was enough to make me want to cringe.

I wish I was creative enough to make this stuff up, but I can't. I seriously can't.  Here's to hoping the next date has on both shoes.

Happy Fantastic Friday.. alliteration and all!

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