Friday, February 21, 2014

An Egg Hunt, a Letter, and Everything In Between

Ummmm... in case you haven't checked your calendar.. IT'S FRIDAY!  I'm certain this takes on a whole new meaning when one begins to work the 9 to 5 as opposed to the one who is in college and every day is Friday.  No regrets.. older, wiser, and not eating grilled cheeses for dinner.  In the spirit of Friday, and it always being hard to focus on this threshold to the weekend.. today's going to be random folks!  And that's just how it's going to be.

Valentine's Day means Easter candy starts the next day.  Wednesday I went on a dire hunt for a Cadbury egg.  I'm not one for Valentine's candy (though my sweet daddy did surprise me with chocolate covered pecans as a gift), but I will love me some Easter candy.  Maybe it's the pastels, but I'm certain the chocolate tastes a little sweeter too.  I searched that Target high and low for a Cadbury.  It's bad that I know the Target layout, so well that I can tell you the multiple places might find such an egg.  Embarrasing? or Knowledgable?  That's debateable. But the Target showed no love on Wednesday, and I not a single Cadbury egg was to be had in the store.  FAIL.

SC was oh so sweet. I love going home and just not having a thing to do.  I had a bridal shower for one of my friends from way back in the church youth group days.  You know, those days where you roll into camp in the 15- passenger van.. Yep! Those days.  Just call me the baby whisperer.. I held her soon after feeding time.. I attribute my excellent abilities to get the child to sleep to her mama.. and feeding her.

I think I have a problem.  I have seriously been on this Duck Dynasty kick since Christmas.  And when Mrs. Kay enters your dreams selling pecan pies at the State Fair.. well that just means the problem has escalated.  A) I like pecan pies.  B) I like the State Fair. and C) I've been making fun of Mrs. Kay talking to her dogs. So it got the best of me.. and I woke up laughing about my dream.

Oh, how I desperately want Ben Rector to go on tour again so very soon.  I just about can't stand it.  Can't stand it one bit.

This week I got a Coke on two separate occassions.  Now I love a Coke like the best of those Atlanta- World-of-Coke folks, but I ended up pouring that thing(s) out after four or five sips.  To which I think - WHO AM I?

I've read alot about Jacob, Leah and Rachel in my No Other Gods study this week.  That will be shared on a more serious note next week.  Can't be breaking into that on the random Friday post.  But look for it. It's a-coming!

And finally a letter to close out the week...

Dear fellas, We know you gave it your all last night.  At least I'd like to think you did.  I'm a fan and stuck with it for the whole two and half hours.. even those 6 straight minutes where neither side did a thing.  It was ugly.  But work on those 3's and get some push ups in.. practice your foul shots.. We've got bigger fish to fry.  And that fish's name is Syracuse.
With love,

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  1. I wish you were here to watch Duke games with us and put my baby to sleep :)