Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Songs and a Giveaway - Round Dos

Let's try this again, shall we? But first

I love Christmas music and finally allowed myself to start listening Dec. 1st! I used to get the ball rolling way back in October, but I'm slowly turning into the "Celebrate the appropriate holiday at the appropriate time" kind of girl.  I appreciate those people now.  And what you might ask was my first song?  "Let it be Christmas" courtesy of Mr. Alan Jackson.  He's definitely a mister in my book!

I have quite the mixture of hymns and Christmas jingles that I like.  But the list keeps getting bigger and bigger to the point where I don't really think I need a list.  I really just need to resort to saying, "Yeah, I like Christmas music."  Here are a few:
- Breath of Heaven
- O Come All Ye Faithful
- What Child is This?
- Mary Did You Know?
- Happy Xmas (War is Over)
- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays something or other by NSYNC
- And.. Let it be Christmas

Driving to work this morning, I was reflecting on a conversation I had with Amanda earlier.  That's when all good theological and faith centered discussions happen for me.  In the morning.  Gosh! I can't even remember what song was on, but it was definitely about Jesus's birth.  That sounds like a no brainer right?  But I was talking about my expectations of myself and others.  Those expectations are to near perfection, esp. for myself.  During that song this morning, I was reminded very clearly that Jesus's coming to Earth was for the imperfect and not the perfect.  He came to save me regardless of my abilities or sufficiencies or insufficiences.  He loves me just as I am. And then that great little hymn popped into my head.. you know.  Thankful for those little moments of Truth.

In the spirit of Christmas, I'm doing a giveaway! And you could be the winner.  What's up for grabs? An ornament designed by my friend Megan.  Check out the website: http://ornamentsforadoption.weebly.com/  She makes these cute ornaments and gives the proceeds to a couple who are in the process of adoption.  Here's what you need to do:  Comment to today's post.  Include your email and your favorite Christmas song (This is simply for my amusement!) and I'll draw a name at the end of the week.  You can pick whichever type you'd like.  So get to commenting it.. You might win! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED FRIDAY!



  1. Candie - Mary, Did you know? and What Child is this?
    Heather - Rudolph and Go tell it on the Mountain
    Lauren - O Holy Night and Carol of Bells
    Carrie - I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
    Kelly- NSYNC song
    Megan - O Holy Night