Friday, November 1, 2013

Target and Birthday

I'm an avid Target shopper.  Avid.  Yesterday, I had to go pay a bill - I mentioned avid, right? Yeah, so this store is particularly close to State, so there are quite a few college students here and there.. especially yesterday.  Being the people-watcher that I am, here is what I observed:

- College girl grabs a frozen California pizza kitchen.  Walks away from food section.  Turns back around and grabs a bottle of wine.  You know, just to class that frozen pizza right up.

- Shopping cart sitting at one end of the aisle with no one really close by.  There are keys, a wallet, and iPhone in the top section.  I had to get some toilet paper.  Girl is at the very opposite end of the aisle.  Back turned to shopping cart. Doesn't even turn to keep an eye on anything.  Dumb.

- College girl and guy run into each other at Target.  Very awkward situation.  She's kind of nervous and ringing her hands.. and the small talk was comical to say the least.

Non-People Watching notes:  I found this very cute and grown-up tablerunner for Christmas and really contemplated buying it now.. on the day of Halloween.  Who am I? And why am I excited about a Christmas tablerunner?  I was also buying TP for the apartment because it was my turn.  My turn.  An understandable arrangement between the roommate and myself that we takkeeee tuurrrnnss buying the toilet paper.  I'm not sure why.  But I have had several roommate situations where they just did not want to buy TP.  We won't even get into that..

And on a completely separate note:

Because she's my roommate
and awesome to buy her share of the paper products 
and because she likes Target just as much as I do 
and because she can just give me a look and I know to shut up right away
and because we look alike and guys like to say "Are you two sisters?" 
and because she cries in the closet or at Mrs. Bush's kitchen counter 
and because she every now and then will buy some treats
and because I gave up the surprise of her bday dinner in 2007
and because she will never understand my love for a cheeseburger nor remember the first time we met
.. I like to call her my friend 

Happy Birthday Amanda!

And we just won't talk about what happened the other parts of bday weekend that year...

In the words of Karen, "Woot! Woot!" Happy Birthday!

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