Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Bday to the Mama!

It's my mama's bday y'all... so the blog is taking a break 
to celebrate this one:

Happy Birthday my Reese Cup!

You led me to the Lord.. 
and showed me what time with Him looked like (whether you knew it or not)
You endured a Backstreet Boys concert
and have cooked plenty of my favorites!
You are my workout buddy -with your little step counter and all
You bear with us when Nascar is in town
You've taught me a love for Chickfila..
and I taught you a love for a Smores Pizza
I've learned how to shop like a champ...
And I apparently got a liking for dancing from you...
At the end of the day I am my mother's daughter.
Thankful for you and to be able to celebrate you today!
PS- I'm sure Jordy feels the same way!

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