Friday, August 2, 2013

On Being Rachel Green... Kinda

Apparently there's this unspoken or not-so unspoken system of how one Southern girl does their hair according to the seasons- summer highlights, fall lowlights, spring trim.  I'm slightly making this up, but it's real!  I was entertaining myself the other day by looking into some hair coloring situations to change up the brown hair that is.  I like it, but we get antsy for a little bit of flair and viola! every now and then.  That's how we do ladies.  That's just how we do.

Yet, truth be told, I have some color anxiety.  It all seems well and good when you make the appointment, choose the color, and even bring in a nifty picture of your favorite celeb - just hoping that when you emerge from the chair you will look just like them - hair style, eye makeup, cheekbones, and all.  Lauren Conrad.  Reese Witherspoon.  Jennifer Aniston.  My hair picture collection is endless.  And all I end up with is a hair cut.  That's what I'm paying for, and they aren't miracle workers.  I've come to terms with that.  Back to the main story shall we?  But sitting in the chair, the anxiety begins to set in, and I get this irrational fear that I am going to have this Joey Potter Season 4 situation (pictured above)  going on with my hair.  The color is all going to seep out slowly... so slowly, and that is what I'm left with my friends.  A pure MESS.  Y'all know what I'm talking about!  When you crowded around that TV faithfully every week to try to figure out if Joey was going to love Dawson forever or Pacey forever, I bet you didn't run to your stylist and say "Please please please let me have Katie Holmes's hair!!"  It just didn't happen.  And that my friends is why I have some color anxiety! But hey, ombre is in now, or on it's way out-ish and Katie Holmes was just preparing the way 10 years early.

In case there was any concern, Jennifer Aniston is my normal go-to girl for the hair.  All because of a little conversation I had with a man in Walmart about 6 or 7 years ago.  No, not really, but the story is funny:

Me minding my own business on the baking aisle of all places. (Where else should anyone be in the grocery store?)
Man: (Walks up to me.) Hey ma'am, has anyone ever told you that you look like Jennifer Antwan?
Me: Who?
Man: Jennifer Antwan!
Me:  Ha No sir, I don't know a Jennifer Antwan.  Jennifer Lopez? 
Man: No! Jennifer Antwan! Brad Pitt's wife! (in a rather insistent manner I might add)
Me: Ooohhhh! Jennifer Aniston.  (Haha) No, I haven't heard that, but thank you.
Man: Yeah Jennifer Antwan.  You sure do.  Have a good one. (Because that's what all good Southern people say.)

I still laugh about it, and have actually had four or five other people tell me the same thing.  I can see it somewhat with the chin and cheekbones and a bit of what I affectionately call droopy eyes.  But let's be real, there is no Brad Pitt.. thus..  It's going to take a bit for me to be like the Jennifer Aniston  12 or so years ago.
But here ya go.. this is the best comparison I could gather:

Erin Gandy

Have a good weekend folks! I'm headed to the place where people talk and drive a little slower, and the tea's a little sweeter - SC.
PS- Always Team Pacey.
PSS - Thank you Google for helping me capture that Joey Potter mess.

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