Friday, July 19, 2013


Can I just say that after looking for just the right picture to depict "Friday", Friday quickly became a weird word.  Just staring at it for all of 3 minutes put it into that "How'd-they-come-up-with-this-word" category.  Nonetheless, I am glad to see you Friday!... And this gal is headed to the South.. Carolina for the weekend!

Just a few quick somethings or confessions to keep you cheery, nope not cherry like the fruit.. just cheery.
PS- These somethings are just about as random as the TGIFriday's menu, so just sit back and get your napkin ready!

Confession:  I tried to pronounce "accompanying" for about 2.5 minutes.  Which translates to 2.3 minutes too long, and I still don't have it figured out 18.4 hours later.  You're trying to say it now, aren't you?

Fun picture Yet Realistic Possibility alert:   I don't know Laura, but Laura is for real.  Amanda and I must [or may have already started] practicing those sneezes for the gym.  Just kidding folks.  Just kidding.

Mouth watering problems now: I made these little delicious tacos last night.  I came to the conclusion that I have the best taste buds ever.  I get way too excited about food for my taste buds to be just average or sufficient.  They are PROFICIENT y'all.  Take those corn tortillas and fry them up a little bit with some sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and some black beans.  Yes, please!

Busy Bee:  I was able to hang out with 4 lovely ladies this week, which for a person who thrives on all things busy - it worked and was wonderful!  I miss Lindsay Core, but I think God just pushed these 4 right on in my life at the right time.  Not to replace Lindsay, of course.  That couldn't happen.  But to open up doors to new and building stronger friendships.  And it keeps my Monday through Thursday a happenin' little calendar.

Concert alert:  This guy is coming back to the Triangle area.. and I couldn't have been more thrilled.. delighted.. pumped. to hear the news....  

Happy Friday y'all! 

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