Friday, January 11, 2013

Confession Friday

Rainy day, but Sunny Saturday comes tomorrow! I just about can't stand the thought of it.. I stinkin' come alive with some sunshine.. Like Snow White skipping through the woods with Bambi while drinking a nice glass of Coke.. Yep..  And so I wait for tomorrow with anticipation...

But for now, in true Friday fashion... it is time to make some confessions:

1- I confess that I nearly screamed when I saw on Yahoo! that Destiny's Child is reuniting.  That will probably borderline right under a Backstreet Boys reunion in this gal's book.

2- I confess that earlier this week, I looked at my iPhone weather app and saw some little sprinkle like things and thought it meant snow (at 42 no less).  The confession is that I just realized today that those little sprinkles were rain drops... when I walked outside and saw the rain today.

3- I confess that in an attempt to slow my pace with a Coke, I have had failed attempts TWICE by getting a Chickfila Coke on Wednesday AND Thursday. And it was oh so good to the Very. Last. Drop.

4- I confess that I had a jam/dance session on the way to work with "Can't Touch This", and after that I had my game face on for the day.

5- I confess that I haven't had an eye doctor appointment in well over 2 years.. My eyes and head are continuously reminding me of that fact.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest.. Let's move on to the weekend, shall we?!
And as always, Go Duke!

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