Thursday, November 29, 2012

Asking for your prayers

Y'all I am realizing that the blog has taken quite a serious turn over the past couple of entries. My heart is heavy. Can you tell? But I know there are readers who are faithful to pray. So I will share...

Please pray today for young girls who are thinking of having an abortion and taking their baby's life this very week.  Our God can do incredible things.  Pray that hearts will be changed and lives will be saved. Pray that these teen-aged girls will see there are other options. Pray they will see the importance of the life inside of them-- And that it IS a life!

Please pray for opportunities this Christmas season.  We can easily go all grumpy.  I, for one, have already experienced the grumpiness on Black Friday. Pray that you and I will hold onto the real reason for this season and celebrate Jesus' birthday like no other.  That our hearts would sing no other Name than Jesus this Christmas and every day!

Please continue to pray for the Dana family and the friends who are now coping with the loss.  Pray that God would be their comfort.

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