Monday, June 6, 2011

Treasures - Elisabeth Elliot - Part I

I love Elisabeth Elliot.  What a wonderful woman to learn from and glean Truth from. How many times I have wished to just live life with her! But her books allow me to do that.  And I have my very own Cindy Bush.
This is the beginning of a series.. who knows how many parts there will be. I will share with you some of the points I have learned from this incredible woman of God.

Elisabeth Elliot was married to missionary Jim Elliot.  They were only together for a short time serving together in Ecuador with the Auca Indians before he was killed.  Her continued service to the Auca Indians despite her husband's death shows her trust and faithfulness to the will of God.  I have read Passion and Purity, Through Gates of Splendor, Let Me Be a Woman, Quest for Love, and just finished The Shaping of a Christian Family.

I will attempt to share a few things from Shaping but will surely not do it justice. I obviously don't have kids yet [one day please :)] but her knowledge is excellent and retreats back to when she was raised and how her parents raised her.. much similiar to how my parents taught me. Love.

* Ruth 3:18 "Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall."  Sitting still. I certainly don't do that enough. But here Elisabeth brought out this verse about Ruth during her time of worry over singleness and what mission work she would complete.  At this point in Ruth, Boaz is determing matters about the kinsmen-redeember.  Naomi is telling Ruth in a loving way "Girl! Don't you worry about that boy. You can't do anything about it anways".   haha. How many times have I heard that one? But the Truth of this is real.  We don't know how matters of our daily life will fall -singleness, work, moving, etc. - we don't know a thing. Our Father is calling us to sit still and wait on Him in silence until the matter takes its course as He sees fit.  Sit still Erin.

* Elisabeth's father conditioned her in criticism and judgment.  Whether criticism or judgment was made in positive or negative light, he encouraged to her and her brothers/sisters to look for the Truth in it all. Don't we naturally hate criticism and want to go automatically on the defensive and give our reasons, etc. The Lord's discipline is for us to use the moments to reflect on the Truth behind each thing said, whether it hurts us or not.  I think more than anything that shows the maturity of the believer who can look past the hurt of the comment and think on what the comment is really meaning about their character etc.

* [We need] "The knowledge that our lives are not haphazard but rather that we are loved with an Everlasting love and that underneath are the Everlasting arms." So true. Why do I forget this? Why do I not realize that my life is not haphazard and in disarray like I seem to think, but it is truly where He wants me. This time. This place. This church. These friends. This is His love for me. Thank you.

Note the Quote:
- "He that doeth the will of God abideth forever."
- "So our loving Shepherd leads us in paths of righteousness, using His rod from time to time for correction   and His staff for protection, both of which the psalmist found comforting."

"For we are powerless... ; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are on You." II Chronicles 20:12

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  1. I'd forgotten how much I love her stuff. Thanks for the reminder and the impetus to get some Elisabeth Elliot for my trip!